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100MB total upload limit per file. 4 files maximum (front and back of item).

Please use only alphanumeric (only letters and numbers) characters in your file name.

For best results use 300dpi or better images converted to cmyk

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You may use this area for any job specific instructions including the quantity desired.


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Proof Preference: Help us help you
  • Printed proofs are available (and preferred) if you are able to review it in person.
  • Pantone colors are not guaranteed on CMYK (4 color) jobs.
  • While we do our best to match colors, digital (on-line) and printed proofs may not reflect the final output of your project. Color may vary.
Please choose your preference in regards to proofing your order.

In Person
(a printed proof will be generated and ready at Print Center)

(a low-res PDF proof will be sent to your email address)

Decline Proof
(Sending a print ready PDF will allow you to skip the proof process if you should so choose.)

Step 5

NOTICE: To help expedite your order and ensure that it is processed most efficiently, Print Center requires all files to be proofread and press-ready before submitting your order. If your document(s) contain images that bleed off the edge of the page, please ensure that your files contain bleed information of at least 1/8", as well as trim marks. Print Center will not be held responsible for any typographical or layout related errors after you have approved your proof. Any additional proofs will be assessed a $15 charge. Any modifications to your art will be billed at $60 per hour.

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Uploading your file may take a few minutes, depending upon file size and your internet connection speed. Please do not close this window until you receive a message indicating that the transfer is complete.

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