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Why Green?

Because you get more conservation bang for your buck. Printing uses so many resources, printing green really makes a difference.

Most people would be surprised to learn that the paper and printing industry ranks fourth among manufacturers in the amount of energy used. Producing paper and the electricity used for factory operations, as well as the actual printing process, demands a huge amount of fossil fuels and the cutting down of many trees. Printers are major users of natural resources. So insist on printing green. Send your jobs only to "green printers." The earth will thank you.

What we're doing:
  • Offering 100% Recycled Papers.
  • Buying Wind power.
  • Recycling packaging, paper and toner products.
  • Reducing setup waste by printing digital.
  • Printing Digital vs Offset:
    (reduces metals, dry inks are non-toxic and do not generate hazardous waste).
  • Encourage customers to print 2-sided and cut in half their paper use.
  • Buying new document technology and reduce energy use by 50%.
  • Smaller Carbon Footprint.

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